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Hyde Mag

Hyde Mag. Captivating users with its sleek design and impressively long-lasting experience, the Hyde Mag vape is a significant contender in the e-cigarette market. The journey of understanding begins with the core of Hyde Mag’s appeal — durability, and convenience packed into an elegant device.

The Hyde Mag has rapidly evolved, bringing vapers not just a high-capacity disposable option but also a variety of flavors that cater to every palate. With specifications like 4500 puffs and a charging option, it solidifies its position as a go-to device for both casual and heavy users. Its assorted flavors, ranging from the tartness of Blue Razz to the creamy subtlety of Fresh Vanilla, promise a sensory delight with every puff.

This article dives into the intricacies of the Hyde Mag vape, exploring its specifications, flavors, and standout features. Whether you’re a vaping veteran or curious about the hype, join us as we unravel why the Hyde Mag Recharge Disposable has become a fixture in the vaping community and how it compares to the best Hyde has to offer.

Hyde Mag Vapes

Unleash an unparalleled vaping journey with Hyde Mag Vapes, where each puff is a burst of delight. The Hyde Mag boasts an incredible 10mL e-liquid capacity, catapulting your vaping session to new heights with over 4500 puffs per device. At a potent 50mg nicotine level, it presents a satisfyingly smooth yet potent throat hit to fulfill your cravings.

Delight in the dazzling array of flavors, with concoctions ranging from the tangy zest of Strawberry Lemon Lime to the creamy fusion of Mango Peaches & Cream. Whether you revel in the sweet nostalgia of Strawberry B-Day or the invigorating fusion of Raspberry Watermelon, Hyde Mag’s amazing flavors will have your taste buds dancing.

Built with convenience in mind, the Hyde Mag Disposable supports recharging through a micro USB charger. It ensures the music of taste doesn’t fade until the last note of vapor. Please note that the micro USB charger is an additional purchase.

Indulge in Hyde Mag Vape Pens – where capacity meets flavor in a harmonious blend, delivering a vaping experience like no other.

Flavor Highlights

Nicotine Strength

Puffs Per Device


Strawberry Lemon Lime



Micro USB Charger

Mango Peaches & Cream



Micro USB Charger

Enjoy the lasting pleasure and exquisite flavors with Hyde Mag Vapes – your ticket to a superior vaping adventure.

Hyde Mag Disposable Specs

Discover the ultimate vaping experience with the Hyde Mag Disposable, a high-performing vaping device meticulously designed to satisfy your flavor cravings and provide an enduring vape session. This sleek and ergonomic device boasts a substantial 500mAh integrated battery, rechargeable via a Micro USB charger (not included), for convenience and environmental mindfulness.

Experience the rich tapestry of flavors from the expansive Hyde Mag palette, including the delectable Peach Ice Cream, vibrant Strawberry Ice, and the tantalizing Mango Peaches & Cream. Each Hyde Mag Disposable is pre-filled with a generous 10mL of e-liquid, featuring a 5% salt nicotine concentration for a potent and gratifying nicotine experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Rechargeable)
  • E-liquid Capacity: 10mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine by Volume
  • Puffs Per Device: Approximately 4500
  • Charging Port: Micro USB (Charger not included)

Designed for longevity, the Hyde Mag elevates the vaping game by seamlessly combining substantial puff counts, an assortment of amazing flavors, and the dependable quality that vaping enthusiasts seek. Whether it’s the classic taste of Strawberry Lemon Lime or the unique blend of Raspberry Watermelon, Hyde Mag’s tastes and elements reminiscent of a refreshing fruit punch, ensure a satisfying and diverse vaping journey.

Hyde MAG Recharge Disposable 4500 Puffs

Experience the ultimate vaping delight with the Hyde MAG Recharge Disposable, an innovative device that takes your smoking journey to the next level. With a generous 4500 puffs per device, this disposable vape promises endurance and satisfaction, making it an ideal companion for the avid vaper.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Rechargeable)
  • Puffs Per Device: Approximately 4500
  • Charging: Micro USB Charger
  • Design: Ergonomic for Comfortable Grip
  • Pack Content: 10 Disposable Devices per Box

The Hyde MAG is crafted with a profound understanding of a vaper’s needs, featuring an integrated battery that’s easily recharged with a micro USB charger, ensuring you never lose your vaping rhythm. Built with an ergonomic design, the Hyde MAG not only fits comfortably in your hand but also is a testament to a vaping experience elevated by elements reminiscent of industry staples like the Smok MAG.

Enjoy a vast array of amazing flavors – from the fruity zest of Strawberry Lemon Lime, the tropical fusion of Mango Peach, to the classic concoction of Fresh Vanilla. This vaping device is not just about the considerable nicotine hit; it’s about surrendering to a symphony of flavors that culminate in an unforgettable vaping experience.

Note: The Hyde MAG Recharge Tobacco-Free Nicotine is sold exclusively in packs of 10, delivering quality and value in each box.

Hyde Mag 4500 Puffs Single Disposable

Unveiling the Hyde Mag 4500 Puffs Single Disposable, this vaping masterpiece takes cues from the iconic Smok MAG kit. It has revolutionized the grip and ergonomics, ensuring a sublime vaping experience that feels natural in your hand.

Boasting an impressive 10ml e-liquid capacity, each Hyde MAG comes pre-filled with a diverse range of amazing flavors. From the vibrant Strawberry Lemon Lime to the lush Mango Peach and the indulgent Fresh Vanilla, vapers can relish in elements reminiscent of their favorite treats.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh (rechargeable)
  • E-Liquid Volume: 10ml
  • Puffs Per Device: Approximately 4500
  • Nicotine by Volume: Tobacco-Free Nicotine

It is engineered for convenience, featuring an integrated battery that supports recharging via a micro USB charger, extending the life of your device and ensuring you’re never caught without your preferred clouds of flavor.

Hyde Mag isn’t just about longevity; it’s about an enriching vaping experience, amplified by robust flavors like Mango Peaches & Cream, Raspberry Watermelon, and the celebratory Strawberry B-Day. This disposable device hits all the right notes for both novices and passionate enthusiasts alike, requiring no filling or charging out of the box. Indulge in the perfect blend of taste, performance, and comfort with the Hyde Mag Disposable Vape.

Hyde Mag Flavors

The Hyde Mag line of disposable vapes is a treasure trove of flavor, promising a sensory feast with every puff. With an expansive selection that caters to a wide taste spectrum, users can voyage through a landscape of fruit, dessert, and ice-infused varieties. Among these are the summery zest of Tropical Peach, the tangy fusion of Peach Lemon, and the crisp chill of Blue Razz Ice.

Distinguishing themselves with unique offerings, Hyde Mag doesn’t shy away from creativity. Mandarin Lime provides a splash of citrus inventiveness, while Fresh Vanilla levitates the senses with its creamy richness. For those seeking a kaleidoscopic experience, the multilayered Rainbow flavor paints the palate with a spectrum of fruity notes.

Popular choices like Coconut Crumble bring a tropical escape, while Sour Apple Ice presents a cool take on tartness, and Raspberry Watermelon merges two beloved profiles into one. Hyde Mag’s vibrant fruit-inspired selections such as Mango, Pineapple Banana Cantaloupe, and Red Apple reinforce its dedication to natural flavor replications.

The Hyde Mag realm extends into frosty desserts with the refreshing Lemon Ice Cream, the classic Strawberry Ice, and the novel Watermelon Ice Cream, all designed to offer a delicious cooldown with every draw. These blissful flavors exemplify the versatility and innovation behind Hyde Mag’s commitment to providing an exceptional vaping experience.


Drift among the clouds with the invigorating Blue Razz Cloud flavor from Hyde Mag. Seamlessly blending into the Hyde collection, this vape pen manifests with an ergonomically advanced design that provides improved grip. The flavor, a hit among enthusiasts, encapsulates the essence of sweet and tangy blue raspberries.

The Blue Razz Cloud isn’t just a flavor; it’s an endurance champion with a generous 10ml e-liquid capacity. Its rechargeable nature underscores practicality, thanks to the ubiquitous Micro-USB charger. Prepare for a marathon of vaping, as each vape pen delivers about 4500 puffs infused with a balanced 5% nicotine strength, tailored for those who appreciate a voluminous vaping excursion.


Encounter a chilling twist with the Blue Razz Ice Hyde Mag, a refreshing blend of blueberry notes underscored by a soothing mint finish. This vape pen continues Hyde Mag’s legacy of innovative design for enhanced hand feel during use. Its larger-than-life 10ml e-liquid volume ensures a lasting experience, fortified by the capacity for recharging.

Popular and esteemed in the Hyde flavor line-up, the Blue Razz Ice echoes a unique narrative, diverging from traditional fruity offerings with a fizzy soda-like zest, engulfing the senses in a polar rush. This ice-cold escapade provides a novel vaping story, one underlined by Hyde Mag’s commitment to maintaining flavor fidelity.


The Fresh Vanilla Hyde Mag stands out as a testament to the simpler, yet infinitely comforting flavor of vanilla. This disposable vape device, reasonably priced starting from $16.99, has earned a commendable 4.4-star rating across 17 reviews, reflecting its warm reception in the vaping community. Consumers have the choice of purchasing this delight individually or in packs of ten.

Sweet, classic, and brimming with creamy tones, the Fresh Vanilla variant is an integral piece of Hyde’s enduring puzzle. Its presence within the disposable vape arsenal offers a serene escape to those who indulge, weaving a narrative that resonates with connoisseurs of understated luxury.


The exuberant Fruit Punch Hyde Mag transports users to a festive gathering of taste, mingling a variety of fruit flavors in one dynamic blend. Available both as a solo adventure or a fiesta with a 10-pack offering, it boasts an average rating of 3.8 stars from consumers who’ve embraced its tropical spirit.

The pricing accommodates the individual enthusiast with a modest tag of $11.99 for a single unit, while the bulk option remains a mystery, inviting bulk buyers to discover its value. As a member of the Hyde family, this 50mg nicotine concentration vape leans into its heritage, championing the Hyde Mag series’ dedication to flavor diversity and vaper satisfaction.

Hyde Mag Recharge Disposable Device (4500 Puffs) (ON SALE)

Introducing the innovative Hyde Mag Disposable Device, now available at an unbeatable sale price! Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Smok MAG, this vaping device is designed to elevate your experience with its sleek, ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in hand. The Hyde Mag isn’t just about aesthetics – with a robust integrated battery, it’s rechargeable, ensuring you can enjoy your vaping sessions longer without the need for constant replacements.

Here’s a quick glance at the Hyde Mag’s standout features:



Puffs Per Device


E-liquid Capacity


Battery Type

Integrated, Rechargeable

Charging Method

Micro USB

Nicotine Strength

Tobacco Free Nicotine

Experience a symphony of flavors, from the zesty Strawberry Lemon Lime and the creamy Mango Peaches & Cream to the refreshing Raspberry Watermelon. Each puff delivers amazing flavors and a satisfying vaping experience. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the elegant Fresh Vanilla or relive cherished memories with Strawberry B-Day.

Join the future of vaping with the Hyde Mag Disposable Device and enjoy a hassle-free, flavorful journey. Act now and seize the opportunity to enrich your collection with this must-have device at a discounted price.

Hyde Mag Recharge 4500 Vape

Introducing the Hyde Mag Recharge 4500 Puffs Vape pen, a standout in the realm of disposable vapes with its homage to the iconic SMOK Kit design. Ergonomically crafted for a cozy grasp, this vaping device not only enhances the experience with its comfort but also matches it with performance. Boasting a robust 500mAh battery capacity, it offers an impressive 4500 puffs per device, ensuring that your vaping can continue uninterrupted.

The Hyde Mag doesn’t shy away from capacity either; with a generous 10ml e-liquid tank, your favorite flavors last longer. Speaking of flavors, prepare for a palate adventure! From the classic Strawberry Lemon Lime to the indulgent Mango Peaches & Cream, the Hyde Mag offers amazing flavors catering to various preferences.

This disposable device comes exclusively in packs of ten, optimized for both convenience and value. And when the power runs low, the included micro USB charger revives your device, keeping your clouds billowing and flavors vibrant. With a profile tailored for ease of use and elements reminiscent of the Smok MAG, the Hyde Mag Recharge 4500 Puffs Vape pen is sure to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

Best Hyde Models

Step into the world of Hyde Vapes, where two standout models, the Hyde I.Q. and the Hyde Edge, offer unique vaping experiences that cater to different preferences. The Hyde I.Q. stands out with its innovative box-style design, providing an impressive 5000 puffs for the users who prioritize longevity and convenience. Each puff delivers a rich burst of flavor, courtesy of its ample 8 mL of nicotine salt e-liquid at 5% strength. The convenience is further emphasized by its 500 mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring you can enjoy the vaping experience longer without frequently reaching for a USB charger.

In contrast, the Hyde Edge offers a sleek, wide pen-style form factor, boasting 3300 puffs. Its 10 mL nicotine salt e-liquid capacity at the same 5% strength ensures that every draw is just as satisfying as the last. Though it’s slightly more compact, the Edge provides a lasting performance that’s ideal for vapers on the go.




E-Liquid Capacity

Nicotine Strength

Battery Capacity

Hyde I.Q.



8 mL


500 mAh

Hyde Edge

Wide pen-style


10 mL


Whether you prefer the enduring power of the Hyde I.Q. or the sleek simplicity of the Hyde Edge, Hyde ensures an exceptional vaping experience with their innovative devices.

Hyde Mag Recharge Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape Pen Features:

Experience the seamless union of convenience and longevity with the Hyde Mag Recharge Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape Pen. Packed with a substantial 10ml of pre-filled e-liquid, this premium vaping device assures a prolonged and fulfilling experience. Powered by a robust 500mAh integrated battery, you can savor approximately 4500 puffs, making it a choice companion for extended adventures or simply relaxing at home.

Designed for effortless enjoyment, the Hyde Mag Recharge is a non-refillable and disposable pen, eliminating the fuss of upkeep. Despite its disposable nature, the device stands out with its ability to recharge, thanks to its micro USB compatibility. This feature not only enhances its sustainability but also prolongs the delightful vaping sessions.

Fueling your cravings with a potent 50mg nicotine level, the Hyde Mag Recharge delivers a velvety and pronounced throat hit, aligning with the preferences of vapers who yearn for a strong yet flavorful experience. As an embodiment of efficient design, the Hyde Mag Recharge marries the ease of a disposable with the resilience of rechargeable vaping tools.

Hyde MAG Vape Flavors:

Indulge in a kaleidoscope of taste with Hyde MAG Vape’s eclectic flavor assortment. From the invigorating zest of Blue Razz Cloud to the decadent Coconut Crumble and the comforting aroma of Fresh Vanilla, each flavor is crafted to captivate your senses. Lovers of fruity blends can rejoice in the succulent Mango Peaches & Cream or the tangy twist of Peach Lemon. Tropical themes continue to dance on the palate with Mandarin Lime and Pineapple Banana Cantaloupe selections.

With such an array of vibrant options, Hyde MAG doesn’t just stop at taste; their characteristic color schemes provide a visual treat and easy identification for your flavor of choice. Popular staples like Raspberry Watermelon and Dewberry are testament to Hyde’s commitment to consistency across their vape lines. If creamy decadence is your desire, delight in the creamy chill of Strawberry Ice Cream, Peach Ice Cream, or Lemon Ice Cream—a creamy trio that promises to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Hyde MAG Disposable Vape

The Hyde MAG Disposable Vape elevates the standard for disposable e-cigarettes with its impressive 10ml e-liquid capacity. Catering to the demand for a lasting vaping experience, it ensures that each session is as enjoyable as the last. Its high nicotine content of 50mg is adeptly balanced to provide a satisfyingly smooth throat hit that meets the expectations of vapers who prefer a potent buzz.

The significant puff count of over 4500 positions the Hyde MAG Disposable as a top choice for continuous usage. Reinforcing its commitment to convenience and sustainability, the device is designed with rechargeability in mind—extending both device life and enjoyment. Though it requires a micro USB charger for recharging, which is not included, this reinforces the utility of having a common and accessible charging method at your disposal.

In summary, the Hyde MAG Disposable Vape delivers a beautiful synthesis of convenience, flavor diversity, and long-lasting vaping pleasure, wrapped up in a compact, rechargeable package. Whether you’re at home or on the move, the Hyde MAG is your gateway to a satisfying, tobacco-free nicotine experience.

Flavor Categories

Example Flavors


Mango Peaches & Cream, Raspberry Watermelon


Fresh Vanilla, Strawberry Ice Cream


Tropical, Pineapple Banana Cantaloupe


Mandarin Lime, Peach Lemon